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Learn how to drive efficiently by learning simple yet effective key concepts that consistently engages you in practicing. It derives from the most simple yet helpful methods that show you what your eyes need to see on the road in order to amplify your attention to surroundings, anticipation, and reaction time of the wheel and pedals. All the while keeping your nerves in a relaxed state. 

16 & 17 Yr Old Programs

Obtaining a permit

6 hr program/How to Start

{~} Obtain a permit from the DMV. Must go with an Instructor

{~} Pass Written Exam 40/50 Questions. Unless taken at your High School and recieved a Blue Card indicating PASS.

{~} Take a vision test. Must bring glasses/contacts if you wear any.

{~} Complete your 6 hours or more behind the Wheel.

{~} We validate your permit for you.

{~}DRIVE AWAY! Must have someone with you that has 3 years of experience or more and 21 years of age at all times.

Road Test Services

Having trouble parallel park? We make it SUPER eeeasyy! Read a bit more below.

Rent A Ready Car

{~} A Ready Car comes equipped with all NJ DMV state requirements including Hand brake, insurance card, registration, and etc.

1 Hr practice + Test

{~} Learn everything you need to know before your test. Practice our easy to follow step by step guide for parallel parking.

{~} Take the test with the same car used for practice.

I have a permit/license

Do you need to learn from scratch or maybe just want to boost up some confidence? We’ve gotchya covered! Read  more below.


{~} Check out one of our three major programs (Basic, Extended, and Expert) when signing up.

{~} Must have permit or license prior to signing up. Learn how you can obtain one from your local DMV. Please note you must bring 6 points of  ID.

Refresher? See some reasons why you may need one.

{~} Road Test is coming up and you haven’t practiced much driving, especially parallel parking. This is mostly good for 16 yr old’s who completed their 6 hours but didn’t get the chance to drive with anyone while having a permit.

{~} Adults looking to obtain their license and need to take the road test.

{~} Foreigners who have driving experience in other parts of the world. However are not aware of US rules and regulations. We emphasize on 3R’S Road systems, Road signs and Right of way.

{~} The elderly who would like to brush up on their driving skills. This is a great way to boost ones confidence on the road.


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